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When Russia protects Syria's dictator, even when he's crushing his own people, it's creating an unhealthy interdependency.
Interdependency is the transparent, horizontal integration of the Air Force among itself, within the other services, among coalition partners, and our allies.
As the sample members' stories unfold, it will become evident that daughter to mother interdependency is shaped by daughters' understanding of mothers' life histories, and that interdependency patterns change when daughters become mothers, and daughters and mothers separate from their spouse.
In the face of the impending collapse of the capitalist system, New Dealers were keenly aware that interdependency was a hard, cold fact of modern industrial society and that it was the role of government to humanely acknowledge that interdependency, if only to save the very system itself under the rubric of "Reform, Relief, and Recovery.
Interdependency exposure is closely related to contingent business interruption.
It is in this sense that her works mirror our current situation with its ever closer interdependency of worlds, reflecting the exchanges among various expressive levels that the contemporary imagination ceaselessly presents.
Interdependency is the synergy found when two independent entities come together in a relationship wherein the total outcome is superior to the sum of the parts.
In Rainforest Fire, 1992, forms accrete in crisscrossing and heaving painterly passages suggesting the interdependency of vegetal, mineral, and animal.
This all happens within the framework of the series, which, for McKeever, becomes a means of foregrounding the interdependency of the works.