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Although interdependent and independent SC and masculinity and femininity did not greatly affect some aspects of help-seeking attitudes in Japan, future cross-national studies should account for the possibility of indigenous cultural variables that may not be found in the United States.
Specifically, the researchers hypothesized that interdependent student-athletes perceive more training and instruction, autocratic, and social support behaviors.
While being independent or interdependent has a strong link with individuals' socialization experiences within the purviews or peculiarities of their cultures, the socialization process that brings about collectivism and interdependence would appear to be stronger than that which reinforces individualism due largely to the communal and closely-knit nature of interpersonal relationships in the former.
Interdependent self-construal is positively associated with other--and mutual-face, and integrating and avoiding facework behaviors.
They found that Asian American and Latino/a Americans tended to endorse a more salient interdependent self-construal than did White Americans, whereas African Americans and White Americans were similar on the basis of interdependent self-construal.
It shows a lot of action, a lot along the information channels, but it shows the direction that our interdependent fight is actually headed.
Descriptive reflections of participants reveal a movement from a focus on inward security toward an outward looking posture, an understanding of community as an interdependent network for generating, testing, and sharing strategies.
The concept of interdependent self-construal is further extended by Cross, Bacon, and Morris (2000) who proposed the construct relational-interdependent self-construal, which is defined as the tendency to think of oneself in terms of close others.
Third, it found that they were functionally interdependent with the aircraft.
Here the story of growth economics is organized around themes of technological and institutional influencers, total productivity, and interdependent growth rates of different countries.
The fact is all components of pumping systems are interdependent and can contribute to saving.
Needless to say, this view, that excludes any gender requirement, would include a mother who is functionally interdependent with her son or daughter.