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If the world is more interdependent, how do we create healthy interdependencies so we rise together, rather than unhealthy interdependencies so we fall together?
With the number of people who have had more than one marriage or adult interdependent relationship today, there has been an increasing concern that a surviving spouse or adult interdependent partner not be permitted to remain in the home indefinitely unless the deceased had provided for that in his or her will.
For instance, Yeh (2002) examined the role of independent and interdependent SC on attitudes toward mental health services among native Taiwanese college students.
Among the respondents, 446 student-athletes participated in interdependent sports (i.
And because they are ranked among the three most important human values, they are likely the channels through which interdependent self-construal influence psychological wellbeing.
Individuals' interdependent self-construal scores will correlate positively with the likelihood of using silence in marital conflict to protect other's self-image.
It shows a lot of action, a lot along the information channels, but it shows the direction that our interdependent fight is actually headed.
Use of processes supporting varied dimensions of dialogue, interdependent problem solving, and sustained inquiry as done here suggest these conditions can produce evidence of development in teacher thinking on matters central to teacher leadership activity.
The concept of interdependent self-construal is further extended by Cross, Bacon, and Morris (2000) who proposed the construct relational-interdependent self-construal, which is defined as the tendency to think of oneself in terms of close others.
It found significant the fact that each cell in the cell lining was not functionally interdependent, because the smelting process could continue with missing cells.
Here the story of growth economics is organized around themes of technological and institutional influencers, total productivity, and interdependent growth rates of different countries.
The fact is all components of pumping systems are interdependent and can contribute to saving.