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People in collectivistic cultures are more likely to endorse interdependent self, which place much importance on group harmony (Markus & Kitayama, 1991; Uchida & Ogihara, 2012).
Chuang, Xie, and Liu (2016), for instance, discovered that people with an interdependent self-construal exhibit more supportive behaviors.
Rather, schools must design and deliver services in an interdependent manner that is tightly in sync with the academic side of the house.
After exploring the bottlenecks - which we are all very aware of - the overarching sense was that the region now needs to move at pace, tapping into the grit and determination of the people, leading as an interdependent region, seizing the moment.
Unarguably, culture not only impacts performance directly, but it does so indirectly through a series of interdependent and core intangible resources that are configured in a unique manner.
It is well known that many real-world network systems do interact with and depend on each other; for instance, various infrastructures such as transportation, water supply, fuel, and power stations are coupled together; realistic neuronal networks have a clustered structure and they can be viewed as interdependent networks; the epidemic can spread between the coupled networks of the infection layer and the prevention layer; dealing with secure information and cryptography, one can couple two systems to achieve the mutual synchronization, and so forth.
In contrast, consumers with interdependent self-construals value relationships with others, connectedness to a group, conformity, desire group harmony and are more likely to be motivated by duties imposed by the collective, roles, status, and cultural norms (Singelis, 1994).
Doherty emphasizes the delicate and interdependent nature of ecosystems repeatedly, showing how we further ensure the destruction of bird populations.
We need to work with our people to take the necessary steps to become interdependent.
Tiger writing; art, culture, and the interdependent self.
He just needed to explain what every global business leader learned long before governments did - that, since the end of the Cold War, the world has become not just more interconnected but more interdependent and this new structural reality requires a new kind of American leadership.
But when colleges highlighted such interdependent norms as being part of a community and connecting to others, the performance gap between first-generation students and other students closed, researchers found.