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in Scotland, an order of a court prohibiting conduct. Only in certain occasions may it have a positive effect. See INJUNCTION.
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INTERDICT, civil Among the Romans it was an ordinance of the praetor, which forbade or enjoined the parties in a suit to do something particularly specified, until it should be decided definitely who had the right in relation to it. Like an injunction, the interdict was merely personal in its effects and it had also another similarity to it, by being temporary or perpetual. Dig. 43, 1, 1, 3, and 4. See Story, E Jur. 865; Halif. Civ. Law, ch. 6 Vicat, Vocab. h. v.; Hein. Elem. Pand. Ps. 6, Sec. 285. Vide Injunction.

INTERDICT, OR INTERDICTION, eccles. law. An ecclesiastical censure, by which divine services are prohibited either to particular persons or particular places. These tyrannical edicts, issued by ecclesiastical powers, have never been in force in the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If an interim interdict had been granted it would have immediately lifted the royal order to suspend Parliament.
"We are seeking an interdict as it is an effective remedy to ensure the continuation of the rule of law in this country."
In April 2019, the Eastern Cape Regional Office referred the matter to the Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement (CME) Unit in the national office for application for a court interdict.
The United States Coast Guard on Wednesday said it interdicted 146 Haitian migrants about 69 miles north of Isla De Tortue, Haiti.
"We continue to monitor compliance with interdicts awarded and continuing to infringe Sky's copyright in breach of interdict may constitute a contempt of court.
A group of about 70 Renfrew drivers won an interim interdict action in the Court of Session, Edinburgh, against Renfrew District Council.
'JTF Sulu in coordination with the Philippine Coast Guard Western Mindanao District immediately responded to the reported incident through intensified hot pursuit operation to interdict the perpetrators and safely rescue the kidnap victims,' Sobejana said.
The RST revealed it submitted a petition to the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Monday seeking an interim interdict to stop Ibrox being used as a guarantee.
The course was a collaborative exercise between the USA and Omani officials that brought together law enforcement personnel to strengthen their capacity to detect and interdict smuggled CBRNe-related materials, components, and equipment that could be used in a terrorist act.
Seymour had obtained an urgent court interdict to stop disciplinary hearings, which had been going on in December