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Earlier this year, two other officers were interdicted for failure to adhere to the requirements of their duties.
The fleeing vessel was finally located and interdicted by the Indian Coast Guard Ship Agrim, led by Commandant Umed Singh, before being escorted back to a Mumbai harbour.
Some of the projects, including the expansion of the US-supported Special Boat Unit (SBU) that interdicted last month a Chinese fishing vessel in the disputed Ayungin Shoal, would apply to Kalayaan Island, according to plans presented by local officials to the United States.
We were very clear about our views on the ship that was interdicted and the fact that we condemn in the strongest terms Iran's efforts to supply terrorist organizations operating in the region with weaponry," Carney said during a briefing.
Jayasekara while pending formal preliminary inquiry without reinstating them who were too interdicted in the same list in a connected incident.
oUAE security forces have interdicted scores of ships suspected of carrying illicit cargo and sensitive shipments which could be used for the manufacture of weapons systems,o Al KaAEabi said.
For the operational test, a rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) posed as the interdicted vessel.
Less than two weeks later, the ship interdicted a third "go fast" vessel.
Or Melcher and the King's antics at the downtown Los Angeles Banksy guerrilla art exposition, where the cops interdicted an elephant that had been painted pink?
Until now, these bishops said, the only persons who are refused Communion according to Church law are those who are formally excommunicated, or interdicted, or divorced Catholics re-married outside the Church.