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Earlier this year, two other officers were interdicted for failure to adhere to the requirements of their duties.
Kuppet's Meru executive secretary is worried as 41 teachers were allegedly interdicted without the union's involvement.
The above operations have sucessfully combated the triad activities in Hong Kong and interdicted the main sources of income of the triad syndicates concerned.
IN a mid- sea drama, the Indian Coast Guard on Tuesday interdicted a merchant vessel, which was trying to flee Indian waters, on the directions of the Madras High Court.
The United States said it is committed to increase the capacity of some frontline units operating in the West Philippine Sea, including the Philippine National Police Maritime Group that recently interdicted a Chinese fishing vessel in the disputed Ayungin Shoal.
WASHINGTON, March 10 (KUNA) -- An arms-laden ship interdicted by Israel that was believed to be an attempt by Iran to supply militant groups in Gaza was a violation of a UN Security Council resolution, White House press secretary Jay Carney noted on Monday.
11 -- Two high rank police officers in a petition pointed out to the Supreme Court that they were interdicted from service for the reason, they charged, they had taken steps to take into custody the offenders who transported scurrilous pamphlets without the names of the publisher or the press in the eve of the last Presidential election held on January 26 last year.
UAE interdicted ships suspected of carrying sensitive shipments, says official
11g wireless link between the interdicted vessel and the host Navy ship up to two nautical miles away.
6 metric tons of cocaine and interdicted another "go fast" preparing to onload narcotics.
Or Melcher and the King's antics at the downtown Los Angeles Banksy guerrilla art exposition, where the cops interdicted an elephant that had been painted pink?
Until now, these bishops said, the only persons who are refused Communion according to Church law are those who are formally excommunicated, or interdicted, or divorced Catholics re-married outside the Church.