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Other opposition leaders demanded that Moscoso clarify the meaning of an exchange of notes between the two governments late last year on drug interdiction (see NotiCen, 1999-12-16).
The author believes that the correct approach to a solution of the problem of who controls fires, targeting, and interdiction beyond the FSCL would be for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to direct the services to define the FSCL and to agree on specific rules and control measures to preclude individual service interpretations and applications.
International Cooperative Efforts: In 2016, USCG had personnel permanently assigned overseas as Coast Guard Liaison Officers, Defense Attaches, and Support to Interdiction and Prosecution team members to facilitate maritime counterdrug activities, including security assistance, intelligence collection and dissemination, and to liaise with the US interagency and international community.
Morente said the drug interdiction task group decided to move in and arrest the Malaysian as it became apparent that no one will be picking him up.
Reflecting on this defeat, the German general Rommel noted that the Allies' supply chain interdiction tactics had allowed them to strangle Axis supply lines, leading to their defeat in North Africa, and ultimately, World War II (Bingham 1996, 2).
Cyber power has evolved similarly to early airpower and will likely make contributions to joint warfare now and into the foreseeable future, namely to conduct cyber reconnaissance, gain and maintain cyber superiority, and conduct cyber interdiction.
La semaine derniere, quand la Cour constitutionnelle avait rejete un important recours qu'il avait depose pour faire annuler sa condamnation a un an de prison et surtout a une interdiction de cinq ans de tout mandat public, pour fraude fiscale dans le proces Mediaset, le Cavaliere avait denonce "une persecution judiciaire sans precedent" mais s'etait empresse d'assurer de son "soutien loyal" le gouvernement Letta, le premier en Italie unissant gauche et droite.
The fully immersive operational training simulation system is named Maritime Interdiction Operational moves and was produced by NATO partners Engineering and Computer Simulations Inc.
cooperation that will improve interdiction efforts.
This article presents a concept that the Chemical Corps can use to meet NMS-CWMD guidelines and to contribute to joint interdiction operations.
Financial support for the Interdiction Fund is still being raised, and the program is expected to eventually be funded by the annual interest generated by the Fund.
We are holding a maritime interdiction and air defensive exercises as a key part of the third day of exercises,'' the official at the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff was quoted as saying.