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in Scotland, an order of a court prohibiting conduct. Only in certain occasions may it have a positive effect. See INJUNCTION.
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INTERDICT, civil Among the Romans it was an ordinance of the praetor, which forbade or enjoined the parties in a suit to do something particularly specified, until it should be decided definitely who had the right in relation to it. Like an injunction, the interdict was merely personal in its effects and it had also another similarity to it, by being temporary or perpetual. Dig. 43, 1, 1, 3, and 4. See Story, E Jur. 865; Halif. Civ. Law, ch. 6 Vicat, Vocab. h. v.; Hein. Elem. Pand. Ps. 6, Sec. 285. Vide Injunction.

INTERDICT, OR INTERDICTION, eccles. law. An ecclesiastical censure, by which divine services are prohibited either to particular persons or particular places. These tyrannical edicts, issued by ecclesiastical powers, have never been in force in the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Following the interdicts being granted, those subjected to the interdicts are prevented by a court order from infringing Sky's copyright.
He ruled the interdicts and non-harassment orders granted are competent.
The four girls who Jenny said were the ringleaders of a gang who preyed on her had interim interdicts imposed on them two weeks ago.
The Scottish Executive said civil court interdicts banning bad customers from approaching particular shopkeepers are the only option.
The Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee wants the power of arrest to be included in all common-law interdicts applied for by abuse victims, whatever their relationship with their abuser.
But Mary's solicitor, Gary Moss, said: "The power of arrest only applies to interdicts if the parties are married or living together as man and wife."
It's feared foreign web users could break UK court interdicts exposing her whereabouts.
Partick Thistle chairman Jim Oliver said: "The breakaway clubs issued personal interdicts preventing us from voting the way we wanted to.