interest certificate

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5% interest certificate they issued, only ten days since the issuance of both certificates.
5% interest certificate they issued, only five days since the issuance of both certificates.
New York: Fitch Ratings has affirmed the 'A' rating on the $56 million outstanding Ohio Municipal Electric Generation Agency (OMEGA) Joint Venture 5's (JV5) Belleville Hydroelectric Project 2001 beneficial interest certificates.
Not all banks and building societies send interest certificates automatically, so if not, you'll need to request one.
Beltone predicted interest rates on saving deposits and certificates to remain stable, highlighting that there will be no higher rates than 20-percent interest certificates offered by the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Banque Misr.
If you are an investor, you will need any dividend vouchers and interest certificates from banks or building societies.
These include your P60, showing the income tax and National Insurance you've paid; your P11D, showing benefits in kind and expenses; your P45 if you left a job; any bank and building society interest certificates, dividend vouchers, proof of pension payments; and all records from self-employment.
As for Fixed Interest certificates, a five- year 75th issue offers the equivalent of 5.
I have maturing 10th issue index-linked savings certificates and 44th issue fixed interest certificates, worth pounds 5,220 and pounds 9,842 respectively.
Information on your investments: You will need all the dividend vouchers for any shares that you own, most of which will include the tax credit figure, net and gross tax amounts you need to complete the return, plus all interest certificates from any bank or building society savings accounts.
Recently, it has been rumoured that NBE may suspend the issuance of high interest certificates when the bank reaches a certain limit of liquidity.

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