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Third, the plausibility of a task involving an item C should increase monotonically with the estimated interestingness of C.
Experiment 2 was conducted in order to measure the acceptability and usability of the system in terms of ease of operation, reliability, expressiveness, suitability, effectiveness, appropriateness, interestingness, and overall evaluation.
Natarajan, "A Transaction-Based Neighbourhood-Driven Approach to Quantifying Interestingness of Association Rules," in Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'04), pp.
dissertation, AM, demonstrated that creative discoveries in mathematics could be produced by a computer program (a theorem proposer, rather than a theorem prover) guided by a corpus of hundreds of heuristic rules for deciding which experiments to perform and judging "interestingness" of their outcomes.
While they are all unique and important is some way, their level of interestingness can vary greatly -- from tremendously to not at all.
Vehicles remotely operated by pilots in surface ships, for example, could send an "interestingness" signal back to the pilots, who might then reposition the robot closer to the area of interest for a better look.
Any other different objectives such as interestingness, surprisingness, and etc.
Cindy Crawford and Amal Clooney seem to have formed a solid friendship based on their mutual interestingness, reports San Francisco Gate.
(267) While status as a leading case may correlate with the interestingness of oral arguments and their perceived value, this correlation is not perfect.
These two parameters help in deciding the interestingness of a rule.
Currently, researchers typically imagine a specific purpose for the patterns, try to formalize interestingness of such patterns given that purpose, and design an algorithm to mine them.
Many things are interesting to think about--including starting a line of romance novels specifically for and about fat people, or putting together a Wild Man Fischer tribute band--but I have learned that the interestingness of any idea is not necessarily proportionate to how likely it is to generate money.