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Survey # Responses Past Experience Interestingness Fall 2011 30 0.
Next, they evaluated their proposals based on feasibility and interestingness on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being least feasible/interesting and 5 most feasible/interesting.
On the same lines, if it's asked to search the image for a particular kind of object, the interestingness of features not found in that object will go to zero, and the interestingness of features found in the object will increase proportionally.
Therefore, it is important to implement pruning and interestingness measures so as to obtain the most interesting generalised profile association rules.
pages' interestingness and usefulness), we generalize our model and we compute the probability that the user will prefer a particular page in a web site as follows:
A central problem with the knowledge discovery approaches is to define the notion of interestingness.
The items concerning students' perceptions of the course in which they completed the survey yielded two scales: (1) difficulty of the course and (2) interestingness and supportiveness of the course.
In this paper we present the VizRank method that can estimate visualization interestingness.
Additionally, FanFeedr also uses a proprietary social algorithm to determine the interestingness, or hotness, of each piece of content.
They rated their peer work on a Likert scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) and provided the rationale for the ratings on five aspects of the applications; innovativeness, usefulness, interestingness, design and implementation, and overall applications.
And if we do, why do they feel the need to pour out their hearts to Piers Morgan, who on a scale of interestingness ranks just below Prince Edward?
Since the proposed approach deals with subjective interestingness of information, it is difficult to have an objective measure of its performance.