interfere with

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It interfered with my work, and I permitted nothing to interfere with my work.
2) The Convention of London expressly reserves to every nation the right of waging war so long as it does not interfere with the traffic and all that implies.
I did my best to interfere, delicately and usefully, while it was still possible to interfere with advantage.
No; because he would be too noisy, and might interfere with the comfort of others.
Certainly such elements in the character of a marriageable girl tended to interfere with her lot, and hinder it from being decided according to custom, by good looks, vanity, and merely canine affection.
It would have been premature to interfere with her at such a time as this.
Julian attempted to interfere with another word of remonstrance.
She has also, as might have been expected, become an extreme advocate of socialism; and indeed, being in a great hurry for the new order of things, looks on me as a lukewarm disciple because I do not propose to interfere with the slowly grinding mill of Evolution, and effect the change by one tremendous stroke from the united and awakened people (for such she--vainly, alas
And, above all things, they are not to interfere with other people or judge them in any way.
After some casual remark about the weather, she observed--'I am sorry, Miss Grey, you should think it necessary to interfere with Master Bloomfield's amusements; he was very much distressed about your destroying the birds.
You are younger; yet l do not suppose, possessed as you are of a competent fortune, that an early marriage would at all interfere with any future plans of honour and utility that you may have formed.
She would, moreover, sometimes interfere with matters which did not concern her, as the violent drinking of her husband, which in the gentlest terms she would take some of the few opportunities he gave her of remonstrating against.