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It is not the first case where someone has interfered with a sculpture, TASR reported.Not the first damaged statueThe sculpture of a Napoleonic soldier was levered out during the night of September 7 and 8 in the nearby Main Square.
Speaking at a joint news conference alongside his US counterpart, Mr Putin said: "I had to repeat that the Russian state never interfered, and does not plan to interfere in internal American electoral process."
"We found no fault in the IEBC hiring such people so long as they are reasonable and there was no proof that such hiring interfered with the elections.
(2000) found that 2,4-D interfered with myelination in the brain as the result of lactational exposure.
Bronchoscopy confirmed that the cyst at the base of the left subglottic area had caused significant narrowing of the airway and interfered with ventilation (figure 1).
After each four-month time interval, the participants rated the level of these symptoms using four categories: "symptoms did not occur," "mild," "moderate," or "severe." "Mild" was defined as symptoms did not interfere with usual activities, "moderate" included symptoms that interfered somewhat with usual activity, and "severe" was classified as so bothersome that usual activities could not be performed.
This study investigated the languages that interfered with Nigerian secondary school students' learning of French, focusing on the Esan-West and Esan Central local government areas of Edo State.
Best's mount, Merly Notty, interfered with Gold Blade.
VANDALS have interfered with a freshly-dug grave and attacked a Wexford church where a body was lying awaiting burial.
Lynn added that the senators did not cite any actual instances of Americans United attempting to intimidate anyone, nor did they cite any evidence that the group had ever interfered with anyone's right to vote.
The agency claims that Dunifer's pirate broadcasts have interfered with other stations' signals, and that a less-regulated system would only be an invitation to a complete breakdown of radio order.
The court then addressed Jacobson's claim that Cherney's actions interfered with Jacobson's opportunity to sign a contract for a purchase price of $15.000 more.