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It only changed when the President assumed office because he does not like interfering, like last time, he did not interfere.
Ouma, a former chief, accuses Oduor of interfering with witnesses.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top Russian officials have repeatedly denied interfering in the US presidential election.
"It is our right to defend ourselves, without interfering in the affairs of others.
But last year the group got word from the state board of elections that bake sales could be considered interfering with the election process, which is a felony.
law 11 of Association Football says a player in an offside position should be penalized only if he is "involved in active play by: interfering with play, or interfering with an opponent, or gaining an advantage by being in that position."
BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said that India is very clear about not interfering in internal matters of any other country.
The International FA Board has been asked by FIFA to make it clearer for referees to rule when a player in an offside position is interfering with play or not.
Fifa's proposed new wording drops any reference to a referee's opinion, simply stating: "a player is judged to be interfering by 'clearly obstructing an opponent's vision or challenging an opponent for the ball'." The new wording should make it easier for a player in an offside position to be judged as not interfering with an opponent.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi lashed out at French officials for their interfering remarks on Iran.
"We have followed a policy of self-dissociation due to our conviction in not interfering in the business of others; and, hence, we will not allow anyone to interfere in our business or turn Lebanon once more into an arena for settling scores and exporting foreign crises, and we will take, in light of [available] data and conclusions, the political stance and decision that commensurate with preserving Lebanon's sovereignty and independence." Mikati categorically refused to allow anyone to jeopardize the security and safety of Lebanese citizens.
Eugene police on Sunday charged Eric Richard Low, 22, of Springfield with first-degree robbery and interfering with police; Low also was arrested on outstanding warrants from another agency, police said.