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In the law of Patents, the presence of two pending applications, or an existing patent and a pending application that encompass an identical invention or discovery.

When interference exists, the Patent and Trademark Office conducts an investigation to ascertain the priority of invention between the conflicting applications, or the application and the patent. A patent is customarily granted to the earlier invention.


noun antagonism, antipathy, bar, barrier, censure, check, collision, conflict, contravention, damper, disapproval, disturbance, encumbrance, fetter, frustration, hindrance, impediment, imposition, interception, intercession, intermediacy, interruption, intervention, intrusion, invasion, meddling, nuisance, obstruction, onus, opposition, resistance, restraint, setback, stricture, stumbling block
Associated concepts: contempt, frustration of contract, interrerence with contractual relations
See also: bar, barrier, burden, check, collision, conflict, damper, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, dispute, embargo, encroachment, encumbrance, fetter, filibuster, frustration, handicap, hiatus, hindrance, impediment, imposition, infringement, intercession, interruption, intervention, intrusion, invasion, mediation, molestation, nuisance, obstruction, onus, opposition, prohibition, resistance, restraint, veto
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Interferometers combine two or more sources of light to form an interference pattern that can reveal information about a studied phenomenon or object.
Whether it's radio emission from a pulsar or laser light in an interferometer, we measure the same effect--just on different scales of space and time.
It has been established in Michelson-Morley type interferometer measurements that there is a correlation of measurements of v with cosmic velocity (similar to the CMB dipole velocity) accompanied with amplitude modulations with respect to rotation and revolution of the Earth.
1999), The NIST Length Scale Interferometer, Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
measured by He-Ne laser heterodyne interferometer (AT3600S and AT0022, Graphtec Corp.
Hanging the reference "mirror" of the interferometer on such a spring serves to position it--as is the falling object-in vibration-free inertial space.
000 times larger than a typical single wavelength interferometer.
The technology we are advocating has the economic characteristics of the amplitude-difference approach and the performance characteristics of the interferometer approach.
The dual aperture laser interferometer system is based on the Michelson interferometer.
The company has been backed by the Assembly Spin-Out Wales initiative, which provided funding of pounds 35,000 to prepare and demonstrate the interferometer technology to companies from all over Wales.
The University of Wales Bangor has been able to prepare and demonstrate new interferometer technology thanks to funding worth pounds 35,000 from ELWa's Knowledge Exploitation Fund.
Features added to the aircraft include new fire-control radar and a radio frequency interferometer, which assists in target identification.