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The design and implantation technique of the Interfuse Interbody System from Vertebral Technologies Inc.
What particularly characterizes Island Farm, to repeat, is Versluis's exceptional ability to interfuse descriptive richness and reflective acumen, his narrative flow confluent with both a moral sense and a religious sense, as found, for example, in his chapter "The Old-Time Religion.
Decisions about public support for the safety net entail judgments about the importance of institutional stability, the relative merits of subsidizing institutions versus individuals, the costs and benefits of instilling competition in health programs, and many further questions that interfuse what is and what ought to be.
Or to use her own metaphor, twentieth-century American poetry is not a single stream but "a pulsing, racing convergence of tributaries--regional, ethnic, racial, social, sexual--that, rising from lost or long-blocked springs, intersect and interfuse each other while reaching back to the strengths of their origins.
The Head of State is, therefore, essentially colonized: his deepest desires are to leave behind his original earth and interfuse with the values of those who are "superior," to be a conspicuous member of the select group of humanity who happen to own the cannons, the factories, and the phonemes and who can guarantee him a place in their dictionaries.
Strether must leave because he has grown up; he has learned to interfuse the European imaginary and the American symbolic and has redeemed "the youth .
However, the narrator could not remain a seven-year girl, and the poet must interfuse into the childhood and thus deprive of the neutrality of the speaker.
For one sustained, healing moment, Tess has managed to evoke and interfuse herself with the "Pagan fantasy" of her "remote forefathers," a desperate late-Victorian reinvention of Aboriginal Dreamtime.
In addition, political and sexual meanings interfuse so that empirical analysis, like amatory fiction, could be interpreted as irreligious.