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Valente traces this phenomenon through Portrait, arguing that Stephen's trauma at being immersed in the ditch at Clongowes gets conflated in his mind with the robust, naked body of Corrigan in the bath, leading to a fear of water that "indicates how profoundly [Stephen's inchoate homoerotic desire] interfuses with dread" (57).
It is not just that the proto-discipline of belles letters interpenetrates with legal discourse; it is that legal discourse also interfuses with the language of "political science"--with debates about the constitution.
Hence it is not only a question of how the imagination tells stories or creates works of art, but also how it interfuses everyday experience, making sense out of it and re-casting it into vivid shapes.
Through an exposition that interfuses translation details with political commentary, Dryden's Aeneas is seen to emerge as a "`monitory ideal" to William [III] and a hero who served to highlight the sufferings, piety, and destiny of the exiled Stuarts'.