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62-6, 157-9), not art in the sense of representations of the past guarded day and night in those fortresses known as museums, but art as a Frankensteinian recreative force that aims to better or improve upon nature, yet in the process alters the body's senses with machinery originally developed as extensions of the senses by functionally interfusing tissue and electronic instruments.
In a society where the twin cultures of Irishness and Englishness existed in parallel rather than in any form of intersection, Merriman sets up interfusing poetic and linguistic codes which are transformative of the linguistic and cultural status quo.
Any summary lames his brilliant argument, but its movement is toward making the point that by transforming "Victorian reality into a Victorian imaginary" the performance is efficacious, both interfusing and relocating an historical entity into the more immediate and moving world of art.
a sense of unified cohesion, of all things interfusing into what appears
David Cairns offers a significant corrective to the idea that the revelation of Beethoven was limited to a vista of formal freedom; to Berlioz the composer, it was "both formal and expressive, or rather an interfusing of the two" (p.