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in the other's blaze" and all are, in a way they never were in reality, "mutually indebted." This "interfusion" (Coleridge again; see note 22) represents a power and a picture of "inward Man."
His plays "Night Breath," "Interfusions," "Fire/Photograph," "American Play" and "A Match Made in Heaven" also received Los Angeles productions.
Syndesis allows for interfusions of homage and critique, cooperation and opposition, which need not resolve into stable wholes or balanced hybrids.
Reification is also a central concern of V., and various confusions or interfusions of human and inanimate, person and machine, almost literally reach a climax in Chapter 14.
His color, with its interfusions and hazy indirections, allies itself with that of late-19th-century Symbolism--the work of Odilon Redon, for example, who spoke of "the shudder of the colored surface by tone over tone."(7) The idea of synesthesia is central to this esthetic; it' as though Olitski wanted to render the experience of color as some far more intimate and indefinite exchange than seeing alone affords--as flavor or scent, perhaps.