interim agreement

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To the contrary, if you sign an Interim Agreement whereby Israeli military forces can do this, then you will have effectively consented to Israel continuing to be belligerent occupant of all Palestinian Lands indefinitely.
The five year interim agreement reached in Oslo runs out next week and the Clinton administration is urging one more year of intensified negotiations to reach a final settlement.
While Japan supports the right of Palestinians to self-determination, Komura said that Japan wants Palestinians to refrain from proceeding with Arafat's plan to declare an independent Palestinian state on May 5, the day after the deadline for an interim agreement with Israel is due.
Other terms of the interim agreement allowed for mutual agreement to modify the contract and successor contracts for "special local circumstances," such as to justify opening new mines or to extend the working life of current mining operations; to adopt gainsharing based on operating results, which potentially could provide additional earnings of up to 20 percent of an employee's hourly wage rate; and to establish alternate work schedules, where appropriate, which would lead to increased employment without mandatory overtime.
With that the cabinet has decided to sign the interim agreement so Ghanaian exporters can continue to enjoy special privileges.
The bill actually reimposes sanctions that were suspended when then talks began only if Iran a) walks away from the talks or b) is found to be violating the interim agreement reached a year ago.
Some of the western sanctions against Iran were lifted according to the Geneva interim agreement on November 24, 2013 and we expect the two sides to reach a final agreement in this round of talks," Shaefer said on Friday.
LONDON, Nov 11 (KUNA) -- British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Monday that an interim agreement with Iran will allow the international community the time needed to build trust through exchange of negotiations for a future comprehensive and final settlement on Iran's nuclear program.
by The Jerusalem Post Arye Deri, one of the three chairmen of the Shas Party, revealed dovish views on the peace process in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, calling for a long-term interim agreement with the Palestinian Authority.
Manila Negotiators for the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has issued a joint statement saying that they will forge an interim agreement next month, sources said.
Washington therefore plans to make the most of the nine-month duration of the interim agreement to "brief" the Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) and invite EP members to "speak directly with US security representatives, experts or members of Congress".

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