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[Latin, In the meantime: temporary; between.]

An interim dean of a law school, for example, is an individual who is appointed to fill the office of dean during a temporary vacancy or a period during which the regular dean is absent due to an illness or disability.


adjective impermanent, intermediate, makeshift, provisional, provisory, temporary, temporis innervallum, tentative, transient, unfinished, unofficial
Associated concepts: interim relief, interim stay, provisional remedies
See also: abeyance, cessation, hiatus, interlocutory, interruption, interval, moratorium, pause, pendency, provisional, recess, respite, shifting, temporary, tentative, time, transient

INTERIM. In the mean time; in the meanwhile. For example, one appointed between the time that a person is made bankrupt, to act in the place of the assignee until the assignee shall be appointed, is an assignee ad interim. 2 Bell's Com. 355.

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Constant change and intense pres sure on costs create the ideal breed ing ground for interims, who offer remarkably cost-effective means for employers to transfer skills and knowledge on a no-strings-attached basis.
According to the IMA, just under a third of all interim postings at the end of last year were in 'special projects' (32%), followed by HR (19%) and finance (13%), but interims are increasingly sought for roles in sales, marketing, IT, procurement, as company secretaries- pretty mud any senior management role.
According to Botting, the best interims are self-reliant, are excited by new challenges and get bored by 'steady state' situations, expect to be measured by the value they add, not by their attendance, enjoy the freedom that interim life gives from the politics of permanent employment, and have the people skills necessary to make an impact quickly and take their teams with them right from the start.
Recently, I noticed a new trend where some hospitals are employing interim or temporary VPMAs when they are in the process of developing the position for the first time or in between permanent VPMAs.
Richard Sheff, MD, chairman and executive director of The Greeley Company says there are two different situations where an interim VPMA or CMO might be used.
The interim can help alleviate whatever fears the medical staff might have.
Interims bring with them significant problem-solving skills coupled with a "can do, will do", results-driven approach.
Interims may be brought in to fill an existing gap in the organisation or to take on a project role that's needed for a limited time only.
All are circumstances in which a board needs to parachute in an interim CEO.
Bibeault is probably the most common type of interim CEO, a "Ming the Merciless" class of executive.
The white paper also contains insights about the dynamics of C-suite interim work.
Interim execs need to be quick studies, given the limited timeframes in which they must deliver results and operate effectively in an industry in which they may have little or no background.

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