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Sun Studio aims to attract interior decorators, architects, painters and construction companies who can benefit from the services offered without having to purchase the printer itself.
E&O insurance offered for: Accountants, advertising or public relations agencies, beauticians or cosmetologists, clergy, collection agencies, management consultants, other consultants, employee leasing companies, employment agencies, escrow agents, florists, funeral directors, health club operators, IT professionals, interior decorators or designers, media professionals, mortgage brokers, outfitters or guides, pest control exterminators or advisers, printers, property managers, real estate agents, real estate appraisers, security consultants or guards, stockbrokers, tax preparers, title agents, transportation specialists, travel agents, veterinarians.
Families who volunteered their homes for the event and get to keep the goods through the holidays heeded closely as the interior decorators described their visions: The Armani nativity set will go here; the Asian apothecary table can go over there; a 12-foot tree can sit in the entry way.
In the approximate center of the gallery stands Wist and Sea for Wika Wee (all works 2003), a boxlike shelter that looks like one of Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulators assembled by a team of interior decorators.
When male spotted bowerbirds collect sticks and other doodads to wow females, these natural interior decorators don't search for the rare showpiece, according to a new study.
Pataki is designed to give sales tax relief to interior decorators and designers.
Alliance with Certified Interior Decorators International to Certify 130 Decorators in 30 States
Magnolia and Pigg are interior decorators who transform his home; he hides in the closet, in the bathroom, in any place where he can get away.
Schwarz pioneered the concept of Home Staging in 1972 and since 1985 has taught over 600,000 real estate agents and interior decorators her Staging principles.

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