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For its relationship to Othello's interiorized sense of self see also, Katharine Eisaman Maus, Inwardness and Theater in the English Renaissance (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995) and Howard Marchitello, Narrative and Meaning in Early Modern England: Browne 'S Skull and Other Histories (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997).
80) While English is careful to articulate the dangers of Pelagianism inherent in reading the Exercises as a project in self-perfection, he nevertheless emphasizes a primarily interiorized model as the goal of the retreat.
For if group members were to individually and effectively question past inter-group relations and consider their various possibilities for narration (especially by recognizing the value of multiple viewpoints of the past), they would most probably be able, at the very least, to unmask what has been interiorized as true or self-evident.
Koie has interiorized the extremes of fired things, from the most classically beautiful objects to the most horrendous results of modern inhumanity.
While the subjectivity within the interiorized description is constantly shifting, it always remains within the bounds of the character's/speaker's consciousness.
Accompanying herself deftly on piano, Wight is surrounded by an intimate ensemble of Spanish guitar, percussion, violin, and viola for a deeply interiorized statement.
This process of the exterior becoming interiorized has been discussed by scholars such as George Herbert Mead (30) and Walter Ong.
Augustine's interiorized ethics, Thomas Hobbes's sovereign state, and Adam Smith's commercial market.
Drawing on Austin's notion of language as performative, as well as Judith Butler's use of this concept for theorizing gender, Hills argues that performativity is useful for thinking about the pleasures of popular culture as it enables us to "challenge, from the outset, any notion that consumers of pop culture are simply voluntaristic agents going about their interiorized, individualized business of leisure" (xi).
This dissonance between Roberto's appearance and his projected fantasy of origin and identity reveals that he has been afflicted by what Homi Bhabha would call "political and psychic violence within civic virtue" (43), a self-hatred in this case disseminated by the racist discourse of North American imperialism and interiorized by its colonial subjects.
In the essay on non-Aristotelian aesthetics, rather than the procedure by which an individual humanizes or generalizes his sensibility, Campos prefers the inverse, by which the general becomes particularized, the human personalized, and the exterior interiorized.
This seemingly paradoxical contention--that literature lives in us and that we live in literature--is the foundation of the analyses that will follow; for what Sant Cassia is indicating here is the inseparability of cultural formations, whether interiorized in the mind or experienced as external circumstances, from language and discursive constructs.