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51) These represent further interiorizing of physical actions and complexity of form.
It is a folding, moreover, that seeks to capture the elusiveness of trauma by interiorizing its ungraspable and inexpressible elements in relation to a particular context, a context that consists of notions of freedom, patriotism, heroism, and strength, and which is expressed both by the visual themes of the design and by the powerful rhetoric of Libeskind's presentation.
Interiorizing disease within the nation by defining it as proper to spaces of difference, the colonial mindset persists in the spaces created by quarantines.
Walter Benjamin, in his tribute to nineteenth-century interiorizing and exteriorizing, the Arcades Project, describes a similar type of desire predicated, he feels, on what he calls "threshold magic": "Like all magic substance, this too is once again reduced at some point to sex--in pornography.