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Further possession comes through placing his experience and that of others in space, or interiorizing.
In acting through himself, he exercises a rightful autonomy as the personal subject of his actions through interiorizing the truth about good, which is the law for our freedom.
As in any colonial triumph, the colonized are expendable and, interiorizing his/her domination, know themselves as such.
The varieties of sea in A Child's Garden--the way it wells up in foam and suddenly fills the frame with light, the way its movements transform the space of the image--suggest a comment not only on the artificial nature of film imagery or the interiorizing nature of human consciousness, but also on the nature of life itself.
It entails a movement in which an interiorizing idealization takes in itself or upon itself the body and voice of the other, the other's visage and person, ideally and quasi-literally devouring them.
Farrell's foreword, "Walter Ong and Harold Bloom," compares Bloom's treatment of "outwardness and inwardness in certain characters developed by Shakespeare," in Bloom's, Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (1998), with aspects of "Ong's work on interiorizing and personalizing trends in Western culture"--particularly with regard to his remarks on St.