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Although readers may be familiar with the gist of this true story, Dugard has skillfully interjected details gleaned from the journals kept by each man, newspaper articles of the times, documents from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, and his own knowledge from visits to the African continent.
We sculpted, edited, and interjected subtle gestures and direction changes until it all came together.
An Alan Moses drop goal in the 27th minute for Tynedale, followed by a penalty goal ten minutes later was interjected by Dudley Kingswinford's Gareth Davies, who touched down a try, converted by Steve Smart, for a 7-6 interval lead to Dudley.
Anderson says the survey inappropriately interjected the AMA into a political debate.
We are here to talk about now," Schwarzkopf interjected.
Mr Benn, 76, interjected angrily: "Look, I have brought the list with me.