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interjected Peter, who had been gazing intently at the slender spire showing darkly against the fine blue eastern sky.
Such beautiful ears, doctor, dear," interjected Susan with a relish.
And the highest, finest, right conduct," I interjected, "is that act which benefits at the same time the man, his children, and his race.
He fights at a hundred an' eighty," Bert interjected.
Like treacle," interjected the Professor, rather low, keeping an impassive expression.
That's what I thought when you gave me the job, sir," interjected Jukes, moodily.
March 14 opposes all categories of violence perpetrated against innocent people and the ongoing tragedy enjoins us in a peculiar way, he interjected.
The young woman sat blankly for about 10 seconds until Giss interjected.
Humor is interjected from time to time as their professional relationship meshes with a budding personal relationship.
Dugard has skillfully interjected details gleaned from the journals kept by each man, newspaper articles of the times, documents from the archives of the Royal Geographical Society, and his own knowledge from visits to the African continent to this familiar story.
They interjected romantic ballads into Shakespeare and dealt with their own memory lapses by moving forward in the script, then playing the rest of the scene backwards.
Steve Hobson interjected with an unconverted try before both Wayne Holmes and Elise Vunipola both touched down tries, with Cassell converting the latter.