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The pharmacist may further edit or modify that text by using the computer or interjecting additional speech.
This didn't prevent Kissinger, and the oligarchy he represented, from rolling up tens of thousands of American casualties--and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese deaths--by interjecting our country into the Vietnam conflict and then handing the communists the victory.
Of course, Ball being Ball, he couldn't resist interjecting humor into the fray.
In the wake of this tragedy, some have asserted that America could avoid similar problems in the future by interjecting religious worship and religious instruction into public schools.
With the exception of President Bush interjecting Social Security reform into the issue matrix and a slight drop-off in Bush haters, there is little that has changed since last November's presidential election," said Republican pollster Ed Goeas.
American conservatives who have viewed Murdoch as an ally interjecting a conservative voice into the "mainstream media" should take an even dimmer view of these developments.
Limbaugh's radio program can be avoided, but he's also interjecting recorded blurbs into other programs at his radio network.
Pumphrey added a humorous light by interjecting the phrase, ``We'll march in the rain'' - sung to the tune of ``We Shall Overcome.