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By interjecting a layer of intelligence between servers and storage, network-based virtualization offers the most freedom from operating system constraints and vendor-specific storage devices.
Interjecting politicians and bureaucrats into the picture will only introduce an element of politics into the arena of faith.
Though Micheaux is more well-known for his films than his novels, Bowser and Spence re-position him among literary circles, too, interjecting writings popular in his time period, astutely observing that, "although our research suggests that there was a social distinction between Micheaux and the intellectuals of the Harlem Renaissance--Micheaux and his popular melodramas were either ignored or not taken seriously--he apparently felt a strong kinship with these artists.
But the key to the success of this show is that Barnsley boy Parkinson knows who the real stars are with the stories to tell, sits back and lets them get on with it, interjecting only to switch the topic when needed.
Honorary degrees also will go to Broadway and film vaudeville dancer Bunny Briggs; Buster Brown, a veteran of the Copasetics, who continues to perform at New York's Swing 46 on Sunday evenings; Prince Spencer, who spent twenty-nine years with the pioneering Four Step Brothers, appeared in movies with Bob Hope, and danced with the Duke Ellington orchestra at the Cotton Club; and Jimmy "Slyde" Godbolt, who gained recognition for interjecting astonishing sliding techniques between complex steps and turns.
Additionally, in instances too numerous to list completely, Sutton writes outside the parameters of historical inquiry altogether, for example, interjecting his own feelings about the moral character of various Baptists who opposed the so-called "conservative resurgence" in the SBC, such as his remarks about David Montoya (pp.
As he advances I'm sure I'll start doing something equally annoying: interjecting a delicate, rarefied piece with, "Can't you play one we know?
Hawking will guide the viewer through his book, interjecting excerpts from Errol Morris's acclaimed biographical documentary, and introducing a host of new images, specially created interactive animations, and selected excerpts from other motion pictures.