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These passages work better than the more theoretical interjections.
Sanders comments as well that Odum's interjection of putative standard English in introductions to the various chapters of Rainbow Round My Shoulder, his first folk novel, is disruptive in its contrast with the speech of the black protagonist.
followed by a common interjection that's really a theological term in English that starts with a "D.
If I see it correctly, translators have more chances to resort to creative translation when they are confronted with the poetics of interjection.
He did go back down to the farm, and Stossel's interjection of questionable facts to suggest he didn't is irresponsible.
Mary Beth Armstrong, a professor of accounting at The Orfalea College of Business at California Polytechnic State University, has, for some time, practiced a "sandwich approach," where accounting students begin by taking a course in general ethics, followed by case-study interjection across the accounting curriculum, and concluding with a course on ethics and professionalism.
Well can, however, also be an interjection indicating emotions like surprise, reluctance or resignation, and it has a number of polite uses.
Those with interest in the f-word may discover more than they ever wanted to know: Pages 830 to 843 display it as interjection, noun, verb, adjective, expletive, adverb, infix (as in abso-effing-lutely), and as phrasemaker, acronym, and initialism.
Barton often reveals her own identity through the interjection of value judgments, duly noted as such.
The Taoiseach hit back at the Pope's interjection, claiming it wasn't helpful.
The work explores this interjection of the academe into international policymaking as a turning point in American foreign policy after which lawmakers would increasingly turn to experts for both policy advice and to dress naked political machinations in a veil of academic gravitas.
I presume he considers the fact that when the other case is put forward by, for example, a developer, any attempt at an interjection by a protestor to take issue with any point is met with a curt instruction to be quiet as they have had their say, to be a rational form of debate.