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A soundless echo burst into fragments mimics much of the content of this poem, made up of stanzas that read like interjectory answers in a conversation to which the reader is not privy (Wohl--, aber--, doch--), and that nonetheless ends in silence (43).
The second is a long-term mission to bioengineer disenlanguagement within the human gene pool so as to unfacilitate the genetic carryization of linguistic ability from the parent interjectory informational set to the offspring receptor unit."
Occasionally he halted and looking the wind full in the face drew in a great breath, declaring as he puffed it out with an interjectory laugh, "This is fine; this is the way a soldier should live; plenty of exercise and plenty of wholesome air will keep him well always." Despite his enfeebled condition Tidball kept pace with him as well as he could, for he was anxious to appear soldierly.