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Much of the structural interlace is of a light-handed familiar kind that hardly warrants the label; and it tends to be "true" to the book, if not always taken exactly from it, as in Bilbo's story-telling of his adventures in The Hobbit, references to Bilbo's adoption of Frodo, and the obvious familiarity of the hobbit children with Gandalf's fireworks.
Interlace is a fast growing Information technology service provider established in the year 2007.
n-1] and [2n(n + [alpha] + [beta] + 3) + ([alpha] + 3)([beta] - [alpha])]/[2n(n + [alpha] + [beta] + 3)([alpha] + 3)([alpha] + [beta] + 2)] interlace with the zeros of [P.
The Interlace incorporates sustainability features through careful environmental analysis of sun, wind, and micro-climate conditions on site and the integration of low-impact passive energy strategies.
Adaptations of a specific narrative, narratives, or mythology to the Tarot may also be understood as a form of interlace; in the case of The Lord of the Rings Tarot, this interlace is highlighted by the shared connection between Tolkien and Tarot as twentieth-century adaptations of the medieval romance.
In order to approximate the incessant dynamic of reciprocal appropriation and ironizarion within the Furioso and between the Furioso and its external interlocutors and circumstances, we should recognize that Ariosto's adaptation of romance interlace has explicitly broadened beyond narrative and theme to encompass both literary "intertextuality" and cultural "discursivity.
Nierenberg interlaces his story of gospel's coming of age with plenty of foot-pounding, handclapping tunes that let out the Spirit and shake down the rafters.