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Given that most modern display devices are progressive but that most SD content is interlaced, it is an issue that broadcasters must address head on.
Interlaced narratives are marked by the simultaneous pursuit of multiple themes as in the weaving of threads to create a fabric such that the story is conveyed, not by explanation, but by "the amplification and expansion of the matter itself" (Vinaver 76-77).
Companies like Genesis that can support high quality upconverted video output from interlaced video inputs will also benefit from the growth in the DVD player market," added Jay Srivatsa, principal analyst for iSupply-Stanford Resources.
19] As we shall see, Ariosto foregrounds verbal and thematic repetitions between all these interlaced elements, intratextual and intertextual alike, to challenge and even to arrest the forward movement of plot and character.
But MPEG-1 includes no concept of interlaced scanning; every picture or frame contains all the lines that make up a complete image (this is the so-called sequential or progressive scanning used by computers to make text more readable).
Now the TV industry can build HDTVs that use either progressive scanning or interlaced scanning, and the computer industry can manufacture all the progressive scanning displays they want.
Dilip Gersappe, a materials scientist at the University of Pittsburgh, and his colleagues describe a new method for grafting polymers with interlaced strands.
Phase 1b trial tests Interlaced Therapy[TM] approach to treating solid tumors
This article discusses the respective streaming quality produced by interlaced and deinterlaced source videos.
For coating industrial fabrics, non-woven materials and interlaced yarns in particular, the company has developed new grades of the thermoplastic polyurethane Desmopan that remain lightfast throughout the car's lifetime and can therefore by dyed any color.
A range of interlaced and non-interlaced formats is supported including the STANAG 3350 Analog Video Standard Class A.
Features of the IC include color management that lets users identify specific color for adjustment, a 2-3 pull down option that minimizes motion artifacts on DVDs that were transferred from film, auto picture control, intelligent image sharpness, and the ability to convert all interlaced signals, including 1080i HDTV, to progressive scan.