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This phenotypical classification arises from the stage of cultural development at which a particular social structure appears, whether undifferentiated or differentiated, from the influence of local cultural characteristics; enkaptic interlacements with other, differently qualified, structures; and subjective individuality, making, for example, my marriage or family uniquely different from others.
There were made some attempts to reveal the interlacement of different types of modality and the interaction of person and tense categories in the Renarrative forms.
While there are significant differences between fragmentation and fragmentary literature, the two become one in the interlaced structure of the Squire's Tale: the fragmentation of interlacement results in a multifariously incomplete tale, in more than one fragment because, when the tale is truncated, several avenues or potential avenues of narrative are truncated.
Raimondi comes the closest to linking la Pisana with the discourses of nationalism in that he acknowledges the Confessioni are: "una microstoria interna a quel movimento storico generale che portera alla nazione italiana" (132), implying that the interlacement between the storia nazionale of Italy and the storia personale of Carlino and la Pisana is integral to the messy process of transforming Italy into a nation.