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In addition, and essential to the expansion of Elrond's council in the film, it is when Galadriel learns much that later causes her, in the film's most effective and crucial moment of interlace, to counsel Elrond in his final decision about the involvement of the Elves in the coming battle (TT scene 38).
This passing of information also becomes part of an interlace about the attack on Theoden's people and on the sanctuary itself (TT scenes 27, 34, 36, 51).
Here, at the approximate midpoint of the entire trilogy and in the most intense application of interlace throughout, the questions that have arisen are articulated and reversals take place that lead first to the deepening hopelessness of the quest, but then, as events further unfold, to its success.
Aragorn, who is resting in a tent at that camp, wakes suddenly from a dream of Arwen and a repetition of her earlier words "I choose a mortal life" as her jewel falls and bursts into light (RK scene 30): this latter image becomes an associative point for a later part of the interlace when Aragorn uses the palantir to challenge Sauron so that he will not notice as Frodo and Sam approach the end of the quest (RK scene 60).
Interlace is one of the most important techniques Tolkien used to mythologize his narrative and amplify significant events.
It identifies each point in these DVDs at which cross-cutting between locations and/or across time, often with voice-overs that are disassociated in some way from the images shown, creates interlace.
Note: Scenes that set up or follow from and are thus part of such key moments of interlace, but which do not actually include this cross-cutting feature, are marked in italics.