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The Western reader may have some difficulty in fully appreciating River of Fire, both because it demands some historical knowledge of India and because the language used is often interlarded with Indic words.
The first ten of the fifteen short (and not-so-short) plays collected in the volume under review were written during the late 1960s and early 1970s and are mostly situation comedies interlarded with cuss words and occasional dollops of knee-jerk liberalism.
On the other hand, where in 2004 the first two versions of BWV 1019 were interlarded in an appendix, in NBA rev.
They certainly focus on Tyndale's translation of the Bible into English, with notices that "the papists read the lives, stories, and gifts of men in the Bible as things no more pertaining unto them, then a tale of Robin Hood" (1573), and earlier emphases on the Pope's efforts to sell the people "a tale of Robin Hood" along with "pelting pardons" and "stinking Bulles of lead," which are interlarded with random references to the classical figures of Nero, Phallaris, Diocletian, Jupiter, and the Turks (John Phillips, A Friendly Larum against Papists, 1570).
However of course it has its beauties, but it consists chiefly of a translation of Euripides' Alcestis, interlarded with Browningian analysis to an extent beyond all reason or relation to things by any possibility Greek in any way.
The result is interlarded with breezy generalizations like "As information theoreticians know well, any attempt to meaningfully parse--cluster--information seeks to optimize cluster numbers so that we get maximum precision without slicing so thin that we lose statistical significance" (p.
cunningly interlarded with the very beautiful colored views of which I had a fine collection" (American 184).
The dignified presentation of the sponsor has too often been abandoned for hucksters' tattle, interlarded into the middle of programs and tiresomely continued at the end.
A handful of Shakespearean scenes are mulled over in chapter after chapter, producing a repetitiousness interlarded with meditations on comic theory, modern jokes, and comic performance, many of them interesting but digressive.