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When the door was open and he was dictating an editorial, recalled one man, "his speech was so interlarded with sulphurous and searing phrases that the whole staff shuddered.
The dignified presentation of the sponsor has too often been abandoned for hucksters' tattle, interlarded into the middle of programs and tiresomely continued at the end.
A handful of Shakespearean scenes are mulled over in chapter after chapter, producing a repetitiousness interlarded with meditations on comic theory, modern jokes, and comic performance, many of them interesting but digressive.
The incisional biopsy reveled fragments of a benign neoplasia of odontogenic origin, characterized by the proliferation of small odontogenic epithelium islands and cords interlarded by a dense fibrous stroma, exhibiting intense collagenized areas (Fig.
The post-war period saw a series of other monographs (Jaroslav Vogel, Jan Racek, Hanns Hollander and many others), in all cases academic biographical accounts more or less interlarded with consideration of the music depending on the musicality of the authors (Vogel and Hollander are definitely superior to the other attempts of the time).
Small little baby-steps announced with too much self-congratulation; much bad news interlarded with not enough self-criticism.
Those pieces comprised a heterogeneous assortment of contemporary dramas, melodramas and comedies, with adaptations from Scott and Dumas, romantic spectacles, a limited range of Shakespeare's plays, and numerous farces, extravaganzas, burlettas and interludes, all adroitly permutated to form a multiple bill of normally three plays per evening, interlarded with comic songs, ballets or 'terpsichorean melanges', and a host of solo dances, from the highland fling, the sailor's hornpipe, the burlesque polka and the pas grotesque to the unimaginable 'pas mahometan', plus novelty items like Mons.
Thus, the Sherley texts all share several characteristics: they center on the figures of the Sherleys themselves, and specifically on their interactions with foreigners; these interactions are portrayed--often quite extensively--as verbal exchanges between the English and their Mediterranean and Middle Eastern hosts; and, finally, the accounts are interlarded with evaluative language, comments, and lengthy instructional passages that attempt to guide the readers' reactions to the material presented.
The four-teen-chapter book has very much the feel of a compilation of reflections from a semester seminar Rosen has given several times, interlarded with his musings about what is wrong with the Straussian reading.
"Deposition" is interlarded with medical observations, from
The discussions and explanations of scientific controversies are interlarded with personal anecdotes about the author, scholars, researchers, and various other people he meets on his research journeys.
The conceit works on several levels: Sade was a moralist and philosopher whose fictions on sexual themes were interlarded with essays; Sollers recognizes himself in this mixture.