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Sie mu"ssen so freundlich sein, und verzeih mich die interlarding von ein oder zwei Englischer Worte, hie und da, denn ich finde dass die deutsche is not a very copious language, and so when you've really got anything to say, you've got to draw on a language that can stand the strain.
This dramatic genre had its origins in the 13th-century practice of interlarding or "stuffing" Latin liturgical texts with explanatory passages in the vernacular.
Eclectic and eccentric, Dan's essays begin with “ACRONYM,” a tale of an inept government committee called EIEIO, the Environmental Interlarding Ecosystem Interloping Organization.
Lacey recounts the issues through the key actors and organizations that represented conflicting positions on the main issues, interlarding his narrative with brief vignettes characterizing the principal players in the bureaucratic wrangling' that ensued.