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Interlink already supplies Toshiba, Hitachi, NEC and IBM with computer peripherals.
Interlink Global (OTC:ILKG), founded in 2002, provides telecommunication solutions around the world.
The Microsoft-approved Remote Control for Windows Vista Media Center, also to be launched by Interlink at 2007 International CES, is a 44-button Windows Media Center remote control.
August 9, 2006 - Interlink Electronics' MicroNav Technology Creates Innovative User Touchpad for New BenQ-Siemens SL91 Mobile Phone - BenQ-Siemens has selected Interlink Electronics' transparent MicroNav sensor to enable a unique backlit user keypad to be integrated into its new SL91 mobile phone.
Interlink Electronics' family of MicroNav products, powered by the company's patented Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology, includes the MicroNav Ring, MicroNav Strip, MicroNav 360 degrees, MicroNav Array and MicroNav Touchpad.
Anastasios Kyriakides, Chairman and CEO of Interlink stated, "The total investment when the project is fully deployed will reach approximately $40,000,000 and recovery of the investment is expected to be accomplished in approximately three years.
Anastasios Kyriakides, Chairman and President of Interlink Global added, "We, with our netTalk video products, are striving to give our clients the highest quality and most user friendly communications tools in existence.
Also at InfoComm06, Interlink Electronics will unveil a new version of its popular Presentation Pilot Pro(R).
Anastasios Kyriakides, Chairman and CEO of Interlink Global stated, "With the key infrastructure and partnerships we have in place, and other exciting new global initiatives approaching the launch stage, more than ever we believe the time is right to communicate our progress and potential to investors working with a respected advisor in the field.
Also, Interlink will be transporting to Internexa connectivity from the submarine cable (Global Crossing), using the existing capacity in NGTV's own network.