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In work with Avi Braverman [1982, 1986a, 1986b, 1989], we explored, for instance, stipulations concerning what was to be grown and the use of inputs like fertilizers, and the interlinkages between credit, land, and labor contracts.
Keywords: Interlinkage, Allocative Efficiency, Rural Credit, Data Envelopment Analysis
4) The model ignores the continuous interlinkage among the generations and focuses myopically on one relationship.
Interlinkage may prompt the mobilization of extra resources, both economic and emotional, to offset the negative effects of discursive constitutions made elsewhere.
In addition, the direct interlinkage of our franchise areas and the ability to join these with Madrid using our own network will have considerable other benefits -- for example, increasing the redundancy capacity of our network, allowing us access to the growing number of international wholesale access providers that are locating in Madrid and allowing us to reduce the cost of digital services when the market demands that we offer these.
I consider this interlinkage crucial since it sharpens the ethical and socio-economic dimensions of JPIC.
All the other joiners had some significant question mark; whether it be their fiscal position (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain), competitiveness (Greece, Portugal, Spain) or degree of trade interlinkage (Ireland, Finland).
Reservations come from a variety of sources, including the centralized reservations system, interlinkage with major airlines' reservations systems, call initiated from system-wide directories and general name recognition.
At the same time, the Linked Data cloud has specific characteristics in terms of structuring, interlinkage, dynamicity and distribution, that pose new challenges to the preservation community.
However, the book is an important addition to the literature on empowerment of women; indeed, a good reference for developing the interlinkage between social and economic conditions as well as improving the public-private partnership.
He welcomed the UN Secretary General report on Ocean and the Law of Sea which stated that "the core of sustainable development are the strong interlinkages between sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection.
The close interlinkages between water and security are the central focus of the 23rd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum, devoted to the theme Water governance in the OSCE area increasing security and stability through co-operation, which opened today in Prague.