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In addition, the section considers the association between allocative efficiency across operated farm size and participation under alternative interlinkage patterns.
11 If the tenant is risk-averse and labor input can be specified and monitored at no cost, a wage contract would be optimal, but there would be no rationale for interlinkage since the terms of the credit contract would not affect the labor input.
The rationale around which interlinkage takes place was found to differ according to the perspective of the landlord and tenant respectively.
Aside from investment, the document points towards the creation of large tourist resorts along the Makran coast, implying a growing number of Chinese personnel living in Pakistan in the years to come, as well as elaborate financial interlinkages between China and Pakistan to facilitate investment flow and expand the role of the yuan in Pakistan's external trade for starters.
The Mediterranean has interlinkages and interactions that are rarely seen in other regions of the world, and hence, it is worth promoting and maintaining in order to preserve an essential part of human civilization.
I learnt a great deal about the various interlinkages and synergies of global low carbon transition.
Now, while undertaking these initiatives, very few businesses understand the interlinkages between their business processes and their technology portfolio.
Hence, this MOU comes at an opportune time and augurs well with our commitment to enhance global and regional interlinkages.
The Call for Action stresses the need to implement Sustainable Development Goal 14 and also addresses the interlinkages between this Goal and all other SDGs.
2) ARROW identified religion as a barrier to its call for universal access to SRHR for all and conceptualised a 10-country project to explore the interlinkages between religion and SRHR by generating evidence and analysis; creating the platform for discourse and advocacy amongst its partners and allies; and enhancing accountability through existing human rights mechanisms.
Lorenzo Casaburi, University of Zurich, and Tristan Reed, McKinsey and Company, "Competition and Interlinkages in Agricultural Markets: An Experimental Approach"
The recent Marrakech Climate Change Conference saw a large number of side events and discussions on the interlinkages between climate policy and sustainable development in a broader sense, particularly triggered by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).