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In this section, we examine interlinkages in the implementation of the biodiversity-related conventions in LAC countries with a view toward exploring whether, and to what extent, the biodiversity cluster and national biodiversity policies in the region have coevolved.
If the error correction term produces a positive effect on the variables, we can consider the Fed's action as destabilizing over short-run variables in their efforts to keep) these long-run interlinkages.
Over the last decades, we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the interlinkages among countries—of trade but especially of finance.
Foreign Direct Investment and Real Exchange Rate Interlinkages," Open Economies Review, Vol.
Bahrain realises the importance of international relations and their interlinkages, whether bilateral or collective and by joining international organisation or through joint projects.
The next two sections look at Canada's labour productivity and non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) performance over the years given their interlinkages with potential GDP growth rate, while section five describes a simple framework to decompose and project potential GDP growth rate.
Noor, in his article, "Terror and the Politics of Containment: Analysing the Discourse of the 'War on Terror' and its Workings of Power," explores the interlinkages between the discourse of "war on terror" and "anti-terrorism" (one may argue, as manifestations of Islamophobia) that emerged following the Sept.
We need only reflect on the banking crisis of September-October 2008 and its repercussions across the globe to see how rapidly unforeseen events can unfold and, given the much greater interlinkages between countries, how rapidly and catastrophically they can spread.
The interlinkages between family planning, including access to contraceptives, the treatment of STIs and RTIs and the reduction of maternal mortality, is yet to be recognized.
Cheung and Ng (1998) provides evidence about long term interlinkages among equity market indices and real oil price, real consumption, real money, and real output by employing Johansen cointegration framework.
Such a framework allows for multiple interactions between the involved variables without imposing to rigid hypothesis about the nature of such interlinkages.
As Cristina Badescu and Linnea Bergholm suggest, there are important interlinkages, though not exact parallels, between the idea of non-indifference and that of "conditional sovereignty" invoked by the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS) in justifying the "Responsibility to Protect.