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Here, we propose a heuristic scheme to be used as a tool for studying the interlinkages between observations, perceptions, and explanations.
He believes (and proves) that the effectiveness of MEAs can be substantially improved by strengthening interlinkages between agencies and programs.
Global governance research is therefore particularly interested in the interlinkages between the different policy levels.
This is because the two entities have operational and financial interlinkages, and are in similar business lines.
There is only one paper in this section which highlights the interlinkages between high rates of population growth and dwindling resources, particularly those of the land and the minerals beneath it.
I am truly excited by the prospects and possibilities this trade centre will generate once established and made operational, by connecting us with South East Nations and being a major trading hub thereby increasing economic interlinkages, he added.
Third, WHRAP-SEA has showcased the interlinkages between various movements, such as women's, youth and human rights, to address the SRHR issues of young people.
However, he argued, the management of water in many countries does not adequately acknowledge the interlinkages between water energy, agriculture, and health sectors, in terms of coordination between the policies in these key sectors for national development.
Global Agenda Council members will explore ways to tackle governance gaps at the local, regional and global levels, as well as examine the new and continued interlinkages among the various councils.
The edited book leaves the reader with the feeling that they have just touched the tip of the iceberg, and there is a continuing thirst for further elaboration of many interlinkages which are fleetingly touched upon in the analyses presented.
The Keynote speaker for the conference Patrick Paul Walsh, Professor of International Development Studies at University College Dublin, Senior Advisor to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Tedx Speaker, will share his experience in working on the SDGs, and speak on the emerging patterns and interlinkages where key contributions could be made by academics to the SDGs in the next five years.
A statement by the Malaysian central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, said, "The issuance of an Islamic mega bank licence in Malaysia is to increase the international dimension of Islamic Finance in the Malaysian financial system and thus enhance Malaysia's global economic and financial interlinkages with other parts of the world, in particular, with other emerging economies and international financial centres.