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com) developed its state-of-the-art ignition interlock device (IID) in conjunction with researchers from Iowa State University.
Once a predefined order of operations has been established and safeguarded by interlocks, there is no option available other than to strictly follow that same predefined sequence of actions.
The basic research findings regarding the interlock are well understood (Marques and Voas 2010):
HB 2117 would also increase to $275, up from $150, a fee that offenders in DUII diversion programs must pay to an independent alcohol and drug evaluation specialist responsible for monitoring offenders' interlock device installations.
Interlocks are not seen here as a relationship between firms, but rather as a social relationship between people who have important positions in society.
Similarly, we model interlock as a function of performance, a set of independent variables that are also related to performance, and additional exogenous variables that only affect interlock.
We define an interlock to occur when current senior managers and/or directors simultaneously serve on each others' boards.
An ingenious play of cross-axes, local symmetries and subtle asymmetries, all enlivened by 45 degree rotations (a theme already present in the Roberts hostels and one of the old houses), now tightly interlocks these with each other and the setting.
LifeSafer is the industry leading manufacturer and distributor of ignition interlock devices, which have been proven to reduce injuries and fatalities associated with drunk driving," said Mark Sullivan, a Partner at Lineage Capital.
New ignition interlock law requires second and subsequent drunken driving offenders to install IID
com)-- Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation (OTCQB:BDIC) announced today that it has begun to generate revenue from the leasing, installation and monitoring of DUI/DWI offenders, as part of their DMV or Court-mandated requirements.
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