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All the international organisms have debated, understood and recommended from these premises, the interlocution and the empowering of the culture and all its multiple expressions, as keys of the development.
This public, or common, knowledge is precisely what we as researchers hoped to explore and challenge, to hold up to the youth as an object of interest and interlocution.
drawing its purposes, goals and life-plans out of itself, seeking 'relationships' only insofar as they are 'fulfilling', is largely based on ignoring our embedding in webs of interlocution.
Corina Belcea's violin teased in interlocution with her colleagues as we moved with Beethoven towards eventual liberation into the ether.
Rather, it is to identify a particular zone of geographical arid historical interlocution constituted by the couple France-Algeria as the site of a specific form of resistance to the concept of dichotomized boundaries, civilizations, and political spheres.
Second, although I concur with Hansen that diagnostic and protocol-driven practices have been used in ways that have not elicited the complexity of human agency, I contend that such practices can be enacted in a manner that elicits and strengthens the interlocution between counselor and client.
Neither, it follows, is her subjectivity as translator intended as a cultural interlocution for American audiences.
Hutson suggests important contemporary links between formal legal techniques and 'those broader contexts of socially refining interlocution in which we are called upon to grasp allusions, interpret witticisms, and make assessments of each other's moral worth and social status'.
T]he human community," remarks Lyotard, "rests upon the capacity for interlocution and that it's up to the republic to watch over this right and to teach that capacity [.
But this Afro-Euro interlocution did not meaningfully involve Islam.
Furthermore, he proposed that Arab and Russian lawmakers boost their contacts more, perhaps through setting up joint parliamentarian friendship committees, adding that the meeting today with Pushkov came within efforts of the Arab Group to reach out to high-ranking Russian officials for more interlocution.