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What's surprising is the overwhelming number of skilled sportsmen among the interloping rude and selfish yahoos.
While budding Black Power advocates in the US often cut their political teeth during the Civil Rights Movement, in the West Indies such activists often emerged out of the interloping labor and independence struggles for decolonization and West Indian Federation.
The trend for tea may seem under threat from the interloping chain coffee shops, but William Gorman from the UK Tea Council says rumours of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.
This description of how the waste products from the factories have ruined the river summarizes Williams' views on human influence over the environment, progress, and the industrialization of Paterson, thus the nexus between the rural and urban spaces is established with the advent of an invasive, interloping, man-made industrial complex.
The most direct way to thwart interloping weeds is to grab them by hand and pull them out.
The Sangh and the BJP leadership may be closing ranks against an interloping vigilant media, but the reality remains that a blindsided opposition has been found out.
Yet, the reader of this translation is privy to an edition whose thoroughness and rigor excuse the interloping language's presence.
Eclectic and eccentric, Dan's essays begin with “ACRONYM,” a tale of an inept government committee called EIEIO, the Environmental Interlarding Ecosystem Interloping Organization.
In his effort to destroy the interloping lover, he enters the poetic world that he has until now been composing; if religion is to be defined, according to Yeats, as a "notion of the making of the world," then writing is itself a religious act.
Semitic "anti-Westernism" existed long before the establishment of Islam, due to continuous conflict with interloping westerners, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Byzantine Greeks.