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Behind it all, he had a subconsciousness that he was but taking a part in some mystical play; yet with an abandon which, when he stopped to think of it, astonished him, he gave himself up without effort or scruple to this most amazing interlude. All day he had talked more than ever before; the flush on his cheeks was like the flush of wine or the sun which had fired his blood.
An interlude ensued, during which the millionaire stared at the priest, and the priest at his breviary; then the pantaloon returned and said, with staccato gravity, "The policeman is still lying on the stage.
After the interlude of elephants dancing, they returned and made the observation for the second time.
They are, therefore, sung as mere interludes, a practice first begun by Agathon.
They were followed by Interludes which were much the same as Moralities but were shorter, and as their name shows were meant to come in the middle of something else, for the word comes from two Latin words, "inter" between and "ludus" a play.
These shows were called by various names, Pageants, Masques, Interludes, Mummings or Disguisings, and on every great or little occasion there was sure to be something of the sort.
The Interludes came next, after the Moralities, with a little more human interest and a little more fun, and from them it was easy to pass to real comedies.
This aside serves two functions: it creates complicity between the public and the character and it sets the scene for the rest of the interlude. Throughout the play, other asides reveal additional information about the characters: when Varreta crosses paths with Jarrete, a picaresque soldier, we learn from the asides that both Varreta ("y yo muy poco valiente" (816a)) and Jarrete ("Si es alentado y me quiere / pegar, parto de carrera / hasta el rio sin parar," (816a)) are cowards, although their outward appearance may suggest otherwise.
In an essay entitled 'A Political Carer' that serves as an interlude in this monograph, Richard Rogers is described as a humanist 'in the sense understood by the Italian Renaissance'.
The tension between these two impulses of exposing and proposing emerges early in the first interlude in the image of the sun as a woman shining a lamp: "as if the arm of a woman couched beneath the horizon had raised a lamp" (TW 7).
Basement Jaxx, Crazy Itch Radio (XL Recordings) The latest outburst of crazyass dance madness from this Brit duo includes the pairing of Swedish pop sensation Robyn with a Balkan chorus, an orchestral interlude sung by oddball folkie Linda Lewis, and a club barnstormer built on banjo licks.
Though colored by Childs' perspective, Black Lebeda is a singularly valuable primary source and firsthand accounting of turbulent changes in the Soviet Union during the interlude between world wars.