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These shows were called by various names, Pageants, Masques, Interludes, Mummings or Disguisings, and on every great or little occasion there was sure to be something of the sort.
The Interludes came next, after the Moralities, with a little more human interest and a little more fun, and from them it was easy to pass to real comedies.
Behind it all, he had a subconsciousness that he was but taking a part in some mystical play; yet with an abandon which, when he stopped to think of it, astonished him, he gave himself up without effort or scruple to this most amazing interlude.
As, after this interlude, the seamen resumed their work upon the jacket of the whale, many strange things were hinted in reference to this wild affair.
After the interlude of elephants dancing, they returned and made the observation for the second time.
They are, therefore, sung as mere interludes, a practice first begun by Agathon.
In the fifth interlude we hear the echo of Louis' beast from the episodes: "The waves fell; withdrew and fell again, like the thud of a great beast stamping" (150).
In an essay entitled 'A Political Carer' that serves as an interlude in this monograph, Richard Rogers is described as a humanist 'in the sense understood by the Italian Renaissance'.
Though colored by Childs' perspective, Black Lebeda is a singularly valuable primary source and firsthand accounting of turbulent changes in the Soviet Union during the interlude between world wars.
30am Interlude entertainment from drummers (15 mins).
based Interlude Home, said Randy Bourne, executive vice president of brand development.
District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeking to block further sales of Elizabeth Arden's products that infringe Stephan's federally registered Interlude trademark.