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Might this suggest a developed but now lost tradition of court interludes in Scotland?
A OTHER interludes were the London-Brighton train journey, the windmill, the kitten and a ball of wool and the old lady with the spinning wheel.
Manuel Antonio de Vargas, compiler of Jocoseria (1645), a collection of Benavente's interludes, went so far to say that the dramatist's entremeses gave support--literally crutches--to bad comedias and wings to good ones (3).
Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; Four Sea Interludes.
But it's going to take more than slapping violins onto hip hop, recruiting a host of A-list talent - ranging from 50 Cent to Pharrell Williams - or dispersing earnest (albeit self-important) interludes about music, dance and fashion to prove she's not parading under a misnomer of a title.
The lilting interludes at the beginning and end of each CD are mostly gentle guitar riffs, with a final jangling discord--not happily-ever-after music.
Full of comic interludes, joyous cat behavior profiles, and humourous leaps of faith, "Does God Ever Speak Through Cats?
Three entwined trios (with the addition of Alison Roper) follow, separated by musical interludes.
Most interesting of all was the opportunity to compare Britten's Four Sea Interludes with the less familiar The Sea, by his teacher Frank Bridge.
The remaining two songs are musical interludes-Apology, described in the liner notes as "a lil' roundance moment" by Marc Longjohn of the Young Scouts, and Ahaso, a hauntingly eerie interlude by Mils, Eekwol's producer and brother.
Mixing traditional analytical tools with a broad sweep across much critical discourse, Morris probes deep into the particular subject of this monograph, namely orchestral interludes and their imminent cultural meaning, and locates within these formal sections of selected Wagnerian and post-Wagnerian operas disembodied and highly subjective music at its most intense.