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6) In 1877, writing to obtain another's help for a cause in which she is interested, she excuses herself because "I never intermeddle with practical efforts--associations, memorials & so forth.
before Congress when it decided to intermeddle in ordinary local land
Elbridge Gerry explained the basis for reserving federal offices to United States citizens as necessary because "[f]oreign powers will intermeddle in our affairs, and spare no expense to influence them.
interfere with the functions of the Government, and intermeddle with the
The federal judiciary cannot intermeddle with those public claims without violating the letter of the Constitution.
women cannot, by force, be confined to domestic concerns; for they will, however ignorant, intermeddle with more weighty affairs, neglecting private duties only to disturb, by cunning tricks, the orderly plans of reason which rise above their comprehension.
Further, standing is purported to ensure that individuals raise only their own rights and do not intermeddle with the rights of others--seeking to protect what the other does not want protected.
Especially, seeing these latter troubles and perturbations of the Churche offer me so much, that unneth any vacant laisure shall be left, to intermeddle wyth matters prophane.
On my laying them before the Council, though they as well as myself looked on your case in a Light which would have entitled you to a favourable Opinion they thought it improper for them to intermeddle therein, and without their concurrence I cannot take on me to grant you a Nolle Prosequi," Cadwallader Colden to Waddell Cunningham, undated letter (probably Spring 1764), Colden Letter Books, New York Historical Society Collections (1877), 9: 325.
3, 1787, reprinted in 3 DOCUMENTARY HISTORY, supra note 168, at 483, 483 ("Their courts are not to intermeddle with your internal policy and will have cognizance only of those subjects which are placed under the control of a national legislature.
He wrote, "There is not a shadow of right in the general government to intermeddle with religion.
In constructing its new church government, the Long Parliament showed a greater desire than either the Scottish kirk or the New England churches to sort judicial cases into spiritual and secular categories, and to ensure that the church did not intermeddle with the latter.