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Surely some intermeddlers could devise a national BMI card, certified by a government nutritionist, that determines how many fat grams Burger King may sell to you.
Such an agreement cannot fairly be viewed as a "champertous" agreement entered into by intermeddlers seeking to stir up litigation, nor as a Mary Carter-type settlement which requires a settling defendant to stay in the case and participate in trial to advance secretly the plaintiff's, rather than its own, interests.
442) See Eric Biber & Berry Brosi, Officious Intermeddlers or Citizen Experts?
that encourages intermeddlers not to bypass the markets for improving
45) Finally, "standing requirements are said to serve the value of fairness by ensuring that people will raise only their own rights and concerns and that people cannot be intermeddlers trying to protect others who do not want the protection offered.
1323, 1345 (1997) (describing how state opposition to FWS's listing of the Barton Springs salamander resulted in FWS's withdrawal of its decision); see also Eric Biber & Berry Brosi, Officious Intermeddlers or Citizen Experts?
Though the sophistication and trial techniques of the defense bar had improved dramatically in the days since Nuremberg, the sense of many observers remained that defense counsel were freelancing intermeddlers.