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The Court held that "[t]he extreme danger created by a bulldozer in uncontrolled motion and the foreseeable risk of intermeddling fully justify imposing a duty on the owner to exercise reasonable care to protect third parties from injuries arising from its operation by intermeddlers.
The cases sometimes describe an officious conferrer of benefits as an "officious intermeddler," (14) which sounds worse, and as a "volunteer" ([section] 2 cmt.
at 221 ("An intermeddler is not permitted to gorge upon the fruits of litigation.
Furthermore, "a salvor who acts without the express or implied consent of the owner is a 'gratuitous intermeddler,' who is not entitled to any salvage award.
56) For one discussion of the "officious intermeddler," see Saul Levmore, Explaining Restitution, 71 VA.
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I say more on limited institutional altruism, in the context of the altruistic intermeddler, in Hanoch Dagan, In Defense of the Good Samaritan, 97 MICH.
In states such as Florida and North Dakota, a contract is not champertous unless the champertor, acting as an "officious intermeddler," provoked or guided the suit.
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And is it not a greater sign of civic vice to prop up officious intermeddlers in other people's business, purported guardians of the moral commonweal?
researchers, and curious intermeddlers to a treasure trove of