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The dual intermeddling in Afghanistan and Iraq broke one of the cardinal precepts of military strategy - don't fight on two fronts at once.
that all ecclesiastical men, who boast themselves to be the successors of the apostles, walking peaceably and modestly in the apostles' steps, without intermeddling with
It is ambiguous whether the claims that are made without "right" are fraudulent, frivolous and/or spurious, or defective simply because they are the result of officious intermeddling by a stranger.
32) The corollary to this perception is a historic distaste of officious intermeddling by nonparties, especially for a profit.
from intermeddling with the Indian tribes, to the utmost limit of the
60) Specifically, this clause was enacted to prevent the government from intermeddling with the religious activity of individuals.
Moreover, the fact that the United States attempts to benefit from UNCLOS without joining the Convention also enhances the perception that the United States remains an intermeddling hegemon with little interest in true partnership with regional nations.
Caterpillar claimed during pre-trial that the use of outside money violated Illinois statues that protect against "officious intermeddling," the Wall Street Journal reports.
1990) (defining "maintenance" as "[a]n officious intermeddling in a lawsuit by a non-party by maintaining, supporting or assisting either party, with money or otherwise, to prosecute or defend the litigation").
and avoid schismatic state intermeddling in foreign policy.
Addressing the roll signing ceremony of newly enrolled lawyers of the Supreme Court here on Saturday, he said, in the present state of affairs in Pakistan, the judiciary is, at times, criticized for intermeddling in the routine affairs of the State.
83) Intermeddling law professors alone (possibly including this one) would be sufficient to challenge most of the more significant customary deviations.