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This important article deals with intermediaries' remuneration.
* It outlines the competitive landscape along with the leading players operating in the travel intermediaries market in Turkey
Most jurisdictions do not permit third-party non-clients to assert claims against insurance intermediaries. (6) But some jurisdictions that permit third parties to assert claims against insurance intermediaries for breach of contract or negligence do so for the reason that the third party is an intended third-party beneficiary of the agreement or implied agreement between the insurance intermediary and insured to procure insurance of a particular type or amount for the benefit of the third party.
The use of social media by intermediaries is in its nascent stage but, across the globe, firms permitting its use prohibit their staff from making recommendations or providing investment advice.
* Platform providers and intermediaries in the internet ecosystem are able to generate revenue streams by selling user insights to information buyers.
The Bima Intermediaries Association of Kenya (BIAK) and the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK) have however dismissed AKI's notice, saying it breaks the very law it purports to follow.
As more and more lending from ADB and other multilateral development banks is routed through financial intermediaries, there is an urgent need for the intermediaries to ensure proper environmental and social safeguards and accountability on projects that they are financing, and toward the people who are adversely impacted by these investments, said CRP Chair Mr.
A press release issued by the SECP here Tuesday said that in terms of aforesaid amendments the intermediaries while performing their functions, shall ensure that their clients are not involved in suspicious activities, implying money laundering or terrorist financing.
At the moment, the Insurance Act recognises the intermediaries, allowing them to receive premium payments, which they hold before releasing to the insurance firms.
Founded in 1987, the company's wholesale operation does business as Cincinnati Intermediaries, and its MGU operates under the name ALTRU.