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These developments are a crucial step towards futureproofing our service to customers and intermediary partners and are just a couple of examples of the many investments were making in our buy-to-let mortgage process.
Until a player is 18 years old, they cannot sign with an intermediary without their parent's (or guardian's) consent.
This article states that the intermediary is required to record every transaction and that the clubs or players using intermediaries must submit the intermediary's registration and any other documents in relation to every transaction carried out using the intermediary.
This article provides lawyers with an overview of insurance intermediary liability to third-party non-clients and considerations in light of recent case law throughout the United States.
Principle 1 - An intermediary should maintain accurate and up-to-date records and accounts of client assets that readily establish the precise nature, amount, location and ownership status of client assets and the clients for whom the client assets are held.
The Intermediary Relending Program is USDA Rural Development's primary program for capitalizing revolving loan funds.
JM Finn & Co has no financial planning arm and so there is no conflict of interest: the intermediary focuses on the advice.
A withholding agent or qualified intermediary is fully liable for all taxes owed by a foreign beneficial owner and also reports the income paid to each recipient on a Form 1042S.
MC) has announced its new combined Intermediary team with the chief of Alliance & Leicester (A&L) heading the team.
Investors trying to secure a small mortgage can count on a major mortgage intermediary to thoroughly research potential lenders and know the differences among them.
They can be divided into two broad categories: transaction intermediary and information intermediary (Rose 1999).
Exchange First: The taxpayer transfers the relinquished replacement property to an intermediary, which buys the replacement property and then transfers the replacement property to the taxpayer to complete the exchange.