intermediate agent

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The National Library of France confides to the holder, who accepts the mission to prospect for advertisers, advertising space to promote the magazine Chronicles (lot 1) and The review of children~s books (lot 2) of the BNF, of collect advertising insert in this magazine and this review of the bill, to collect the amount from the advertiser base and any intermediate agent and to pay it to the BNF, after deducting its commission.
He announced the opening of an Indian factory in Port Said that manufactures Poly (vinyl chloride), an intermediate agent in manufacturing tubes and tanks.
Newer lexicons, including American Heritage III (reviewed in Communication World in the August column) display such forms as media event and mediagenic, the latter meaning "Attractive as a subject for reporting by the news media" (AHDIII), but mediate seems soundly established in the sense of settling a dispute as an intermediate agent.

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