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The era of the 'plain vanilla' intermediate care facility was over.
Christopher lives in an intermediate care facility and makes frequent home visits.
In almost all States, prior to the nursing home reforms of OBRA 1987, Medicaid nursing home assistance covered both SNF and intermediate care facility (ICF) services.
Located in North Conway, NH, approximately 80 miles northeast of Concord, NH, the Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital with 25 acute care/swing beds and a 45-bed intermediate care facility.
Tenders are invited for Conversion of eight (8) bedroom waiver residential group home to an intermediate care facility.
The funding additionally is secured by the 10-bed Community Life Services intermediate care facility at 501-509 Michael Drive in Little Rock.
The Hospice Center, Kethley House, at Benjamin Rose Place in Cleveland, Ohio, is a designated hospice unit operating within a skilled and intermediate care facility.
States must demonstrate that recipients would otherwise require the level of care provided in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility, or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded.

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