intermediate time

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This business, she rightly I think concluded, that she should by no means forward by mixing in the company while they were together; she therefore ordered her servants, that when my lord was going, they should tell him she desired to speak with him; and employed the intermediate time in meditating how best to accomplish a scheme, which she made no doubt but his lordship would very readily embrace the execution of.
How to help myself through the intermediate time better than by taking a long walk along the road by which she was to come, I did not know; so Charley and I and Stubbs--Stubbs saddled, for we never drove him after the one great occasion--made a long expedition along that road and back.
Home favourite Tom Dumoulin was anticipated to challenge Dennis, but trailed at the intermediate time check and finished eight seconds behind in fourth place.
Wiggins was fastest at the intermediate time split after 5.
But he still endured an anxious wait with Froome - the last man out on the course in the yellow jersey - ahead by just one or two seconds at each of the intermediate time checks.
Who: Edward Byrne, Engineering Manager, Symmetricom What: Clock Steering Using Frequency Estimates from Stand Alone GPS When: Wednesday, June 13, 10:55 am, Session B3 Topic: This paper investigates the use of frequency estimates from a stand-alone GPS receiver's carrier phase observations to discipline the output oscillator over intermediate time intervals, bridging the gap between good quartz crystal oscillator performance at short time intervals and good GPS time difference estimate performance at long time intervals.
By the first intermediate time check yesterday at the 15km mark, Evans had already knocked 36 seconds off his yellow-jersey deficit.
But there was hope of a high placing early on when Mullen crossed the first intermediate time check in fourth place, having covered the first five miles in eight minutes 33 seconds.
When physiologic estrogens and xenoestrogens were combined, the response pattern generally shifted to a single major peak at an intermediate time.
Pooley, who was born in London but now lives in Zurich, added: "I quite like the fact that this year no radios were allowed so no one was getting intermediate time checks.
Two final novels, the Woolf of Between the Acts and the Stein of Mrs Reynolds, make up the last full chapter of the foursome here which explores the anticipations, waiting, the sense of intermediate time that seemed especially to characterise the second decade of the entre deux guerres.
Wiggins had aimed to become the fifth Briton in the yellow jersey but Martin was through the intermediate time check 21 seconds ahead of him.

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