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It is simply designed to gently reshape the anterior curvature of the cornea providing for a more natural restoration of near and intermediate vision.
It is the only option where patients experience improvements in both near and intermediate vision as well as maintenance of distance vision.
The PresbyLens inlay is removable, and provides an ideally suited surgical option for near and intermediate vision enhancement.
RODENSTOCK UK is organising regional workshops to give independent practices information to help increase their sales of near and intermediate vision spectacles.
By using the eye's muscle to move the lens backwards and forwards naturally, patients can focus through a continuous range of vision including near, far and intermediate vision.
Slade said, "I'm delighted to be joining the ReVision Optics Board of Directors, as I believe that the PresbyLens microlens presents an innovative, viable solution to the growing number of individuals with presbyopia who are looking to improve near and intermediate vision without reliance on glasses or contact lenses.
It is said to offer solutions for hyperopic and myopic presbyopes and has a unique power profile to provide clearer intermediate vision.
Additionally, the study revealed that 67 percent reported better or clearly better distance vision and 65 percent reported better or clearly better intermediate vision.
Each of the doctors had different degrees of presbyopia and all three are reporting dramatic improvements in near and intermediate vision without reduction in their distance vision.
It is said to offer a unique power profile for clearer vision in the intermediate vision zone and minimises postural discomfort and unnecessary head movements through ergonomic design.

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