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2 billion) was generated by other nondepository credit intermediation (NAICS code 52229), which includes consumer lending, real estate credit, international trade financing, secondary market financing, and all other nondepository credit intermediation.
In a number of emerging market economies, non-bank financial intermediation remained relatively small compared to the level of GDP.
The emergence of shadow banking thus shifted the systemic risk-return trade-off toward cheaper credit intermediation during booms, at the cost of more severe crises and more expensive intermediation during downturns.
Our goal is to analyze the effects of intermediation costs on agents' intertemporal ability to smooth consumption and insure against labor income shocks.
The Japanese system -- which is, remember, the second-largest economy in the world -- is endeavoring to function without an operating financial intermediation system.
Dataware integrates intermediation functionality in its Dataware II Knowledge Management Suite, which is an extension to Dataware's document management system.
Fohlin turns next to the efficiency of intermediation.
As intermediation costs rose, banks further increased loan spreads and redoubled efforts to securitize loans and otherwise constrain expansion in their balance sheets.
However, what was new in this last crisis is that we witnessed many instances of financial intermediation failure that did not necessarily, or at least not directly, result from bank failures.
Although some economists, such as Lucas [1988] argue that financial factors are "over-stressed," there is a growing literature that theoretically cultivates the channels through which financial intermediation can influence economic fluctuations and long-run growth.
Focus Areas: Financial Intermediation and Finances for Development
00), within the United States, to finance or carry out transactions that fall within the programs of financial intermediation CABEI for the borrower is eligible under the provisions contained in each program.