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Zorro's role in it is to be an intermediator, solving the conflict and bringing a more just and less racist California closer.
With a new focus on building and integrating its historic operations and geographic footprint across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Turkey and Central Asia, the bank proposes to position itself in time as a major intermediator of capital flows across this region.
These firms are simply an unusually pure form of the market making intermediator.
Benfield, a reinsurance intermediator, originally developed ExposureView after the 2003 wildfire season.
The banking sector will also establish its new role as an intermediator between household savings and the capital market.
The banking sector has played a significant role in this economic growth, being the main intermediator of people's savings into investment and gateway for foreign investment funds.
And, I'll be the intermediator to urn, tell you what's going on with her--because my parents were elderly.
Transmission of communicative information: source, recipient, intermediator.
The varying availability of overseas technologists of the Chinese ethnicity capable of acting as an intermediator to build long-term collaborative relationships among the state bureaucracy, public research institutes, and private business firms has put the semiconductor and wireless communications industry on sharply diverging trajectories of growth.
The difference, he said, is that a mediator has authority over both parties, while an intermediator is just a messenger.
Police also arrested Romanian Gabriel Ilie (29) who was the alleged intermediator between the Briton and the two boys.
If they don't think you're credible, they'll have a chance to go to Fodor's - in our business - or some other intermediator and say, "Your product is not as good as his product.